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Wrap-up for May and Spain Trip!

Hey guys! This will be my last post for a while since I'm leaving for Spain in a few days. I'll be on a study abroad program for five weeks. I want to take a break from writing and creating so I can just focus on enjoying the experience of being in another country. I've never been outside of American before!

Every month, I make a post where I update you on my goals for the previous month and set goals for the new month. Though May isn't over yet, I've decided to go ahead and recap my goals.

1. Finish editing my novel

Accomplished! I can't believe it. After finished, I stared at it in awe for a few minutes, and every now and then, I randomly go "I wrote a book! I finished my novel!" I try not to get too excited though because I'm not truly done with writing my novel till I finished the edits post-beta reading. But I'm so close. *screams in jubilation*

This also accomplishes my year goal of Finish Revisions of Episodes 3-10 by May 25th!

2. Finish enlisting Beta Readers

Also, accomplished. I was really getting discouraged about this one. At the end of April, I had gotten three of my friends to agree to beta read, which is awesome but I also wanted some people I didn't personally know to beta read too. I advertised around for them on various social media platforms--Youtube, Reddit, Goodread. But I couldn't find anyone. Then, I joined a Facebook Group with the specific purpose of hooking up authors with beta readers, and I found success! Quickly and easily too! I was so surprised. Two people volunteered, so I have a total of 5 people beta reading. Since 3-5 betas was what I was shooting for, I couldn't be happier with this number.

3. Get my novel ready for Beta Readers and send it off

Accomplished. I formatted the manuscript how I wanted and came up with various questions for each episode. I've also already sent to everyone. It looks like the beta reading process isn't going to take as long as I thought it was. I might have received all my feedback by the end of the summer. We'll see!

4. Post 3 more YouTube Videos

Accomplished. I've already posted 3 YouTube videos, and I'm about to post another one once I finished editing it. I did a video advertising for beta readers (which I'm going to take down soon since I have my beta readers), a book review, and a movie review. I told you they would mainly be reviews. Then, the one I haven't uploaded yet is another book review.

I had a very great month! I accomplished all of my goals, and I'm so proud of myself. Now, I can go to Spain and relax. But, honestly, I concerned about not having a writing project to work on while I'm there. I might have writing withdrawals. My eye is already wandering to some other poetry and novel ideas. Ugh, there's so many I want to write too! But probably, once I get to Spain and get busy, I won't be thinking about such things.

Search Engine History for Writing Research

  • Is it humid in the mountains? - Humidity apparently decreases with altitude. (PS I should get out more)

  • Dead vegetation - images

  • Concussion symptoms

I'm not making a list of goals for the next month. I will post on here once I get back to share what I did on my trip and to tell you what writing things I have planned. Writing-wise, I broke up my year into what I wanted to do before Spain and I want to do after Spain. I have some fun things planned, and I can't wait to share them with ya'll.

Have a great summer!

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