You wanna hear about me?

Well. . .


I’m kind of an odd person.


Like many authors, I’m a bookish girl who loves to read, and like many readers, I’m pretty quiet and shy.

I’m also a metalhead.


And I often shock people with my sassiness.

I like to think of my family as educated rednecks. I have some American southern roots. I like going to Nascar races, I’m a good shot with a rifle, and Jeff Foxworthy has always been a comedy staple of my family.


But I’m also an intellectual and an artist. I like going to the opera, I write poetry, and I can discuss philosophy, religion, and art for hours.


I’m an optimistic person—but I love dark stories. Tragic twists and philosophical ruminations on the evil of man are my bread and butter.


I’m a collection of different things, and I believe my writing reflects that. Most of my inspiration comes from the dark beauty found in metal music, and my sassiness often sneaks in-between my lines. The societies of academia and the South have shaped the perspective I write from. They’ve also taught me one of the most valuable lessons: that there is something to be learned from both. And while I love dark stories, it’s partly because I believe that by being honest about the suffering of life, we can find hope and beauty.


If abstract discussions about who I am doesn’t cut it for you, here’s something more concrete:


I was raised in the deep southern heat of Louisiana and Mississippi before moving to Texas for college where I received my bachelors in Linguistics. I'm the poet of the chapbook Sensuality. and author of The One-Sided Coin, the first in a five-part fantasy series that combines elements of dystopia, gothic fiction, and poetry. I believe that poetry needs to be heard aloud in order to be fully enjoyed so I read and record most of my poems. You can listen to some of my work here and here. My poems have been published in the literary magazines Earthwinds and Better Than Starbucks.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy rock climbing, listening to music, and convincing people that poetry is nothing to be afraid of.