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The One and the Other

A five-volume dark fantasy series featuring poetry, dangerous but misunderstood beasts, government conspiracies,

female friendships, and more.

Each volume is separated into episodes. The first contains nine episodes and is in the final stage of revisions. Its predicted release date is late 2019/early 2020.

Volume One

A violent presence has latched onto Monoria. She calls it her Ghost, and it terrifies her as it speaks in poetry of her destiny—to destroy all she knows to restore her country to its former glory. When she’s institutionalized, a government official visits her. His name is Eshrusk, and he is part of the Secularists, who work to eradicate all traces of mysticism

—and her Ghost’s enemy.


He reveals that her Ghost is a mystical parasite, one of the remnants of their country’s corrupt past. She agrees to help him heal her of it but soon suspects Eshrusk isn't telling her the whole truth. He says that her Ghost is pure evil, but she knows there is more in it than that. They have more in common

than Eshrusk knows.


As she befriends the other mental patients, she discovers something which might prove that her Ghost is right—not all the patients are insane and the Secularists are keeping them there against their will.