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The One and the Other


The One-sided coin

When Monoria’s institutionalized for burning her house down--with her family in it--she hopes this means that the voice in her mind isn’t real. But a scientist informs her that she’s infected with a parasite, an abomination originating from the mystic world. As part of the Secularists, an organization intent on eradicating anything mystical, the scientist promises to kill the parasite.


Monoria allows him to run tests, but as his methods turn questionable, she realizes that he might not have her best interests at heart nor be telling her the whole truth. The parasite is dangerous, but it also might be her only ally. It warns her that the Secularists will do anything to achieve their goal, even harming anyone that gets in their way. As the scientist nears a cure, she must decide who to trust--the scientist determined to destroy mysticism or the parasite that threatens to consume her soul.

The Damned Ones

Prequel to The One-Sided Coin

Crown Princess Labeth has grown up hearing the gruesome tales of the Jemalgee like everyone else. Creatures of darkness that travel in clouds of black smoke when they’re not possessing someone to satisfy their corrupt desires. When she comes face-to-face with one, it does the unthinkable—it saves her life. At first, she’s determined to stay away, but when circumstances force them together, she finds a kindred spirit.

The Jemalgee wants nothing more than redemption so it can return to its place in the sky as a star. Despite the other’s warnings, she vows to help save its soul. But when a different, jealous Jemalgee sets its sights on her and her country is forced into a war it can’t win, Labeth will have to decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to prove nothing is beyond saving.

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The Metal Flower

Lines have been drawn. War is coming.

Monoria has taken her place as the High Priestess and forsaken the country that tried to kill her. Now, she must lead the mystic rebels to victory against the secularists, but her Ghost’s desire for revenge is too much, seducing her down a path to utter destruction.

Meanwhile, the secularists work tirelessly to implement Lost Flower, a plan that will shake their entire nation. No one will be safe.

Discover New Realms

From Azain: A World of Worlds

In 0 A.S. (After Separation), an unexplained force created magical boundaries that divided our world of Azain into eleven sections, each obeying their own magical rules. When one crosses the boundary into another section, they no longer obey the rules of their original one but of the new.

The sections can be divided into three main categories:

1. Magic Sections
2. Species Sections
3. Other

Our section Loreiak is a magic section with special, additional properties. Each magic section has its own unique magic and ours is channeling magic. The existence of the Duals and our connection to the Unfound World also make our section unique. Since channeling magic and the Duals are so intertwined, it is theorized that they could not be separated and that’s why they both appear in our section. If a mystic were to travel into another section, they would no longer be able to use channeling magic to cast any sort of ritual.

This is true for any other type of magic. Given our isolated position—we are the only section completely surrounded by water—we know very little of the other sections. There exists flesh and bone magic, and there are rumors of others but we cannot be sure.

Another type of section are the Species Sections. There is only one, and some books will lump this in with the Other category and say there are only magic and non-magic sections. Books from the before age speak to there being more species than just human and liasu, and since there is so much of the world we Loreiakians are ignorant of, we cannot be sure. The liasu exist to the west across the sea. They are stronger and faster than the average human and many have abilities such as moving objects without touching them, climbing walls like spiders, or clairvoyance and many more. Their power comes from a dark liquid found in the buds of flowers that grow in their section. They drink it, calling it Earth’s blood.

Finally are the sections that fit into neither category. The main one is that of our neighbors. No magic can exist within their boundaries, but their people have an affinity for technology that surpasses any other section. While some of their technology can be traded across our boundary and still work, it is not known if this is true for all. The main countries in the section are Toa, Agiede, and Saka though there are more, smaller ones. Toa on the western coast are the closest to us, and the city of Tet-quan can be traveled to easily by boat.

They are our only trading partners because of our isolation by sea. Any goods we receive from the other sections come through their ports. Their ships are some of the only ones to brave the open sea to trade with the liasu and survive. After some point, as one travels away from all land, all magic ceases to work. And in the open sea are dangerous monsters such as sea dragons that can sink a ship within minutes, leaving no survivors.

It is because of these barriers that Loreiakians keep mostly to themselves. We have the food, water, and resources that we need for our thriving, little section. Ever since the time of the Unifying Wars, we have not needed to fight. Channeling magic, our gift, does not give itself to fighting like some of the other magics, and many have taken this as a sign that we are to be a peaceful people.

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