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I haven't made a monthly goals post in a while, partly because I've decided to retire them and partly because I've been busy (*cough* and procrastinating *cough*) updating this blog. I felt that the monthly goals were getting repetitive. And when I haven't been achieving my goals (which has been happening a lot lately), I find that they discourage me more than encourage me. So, this post will be just a short, general life update.

In my February Goals post, I hadn't yet started revising The One and the Other Volume One. Since then, I've revised the first three episodes and am almost done with Ep. 4. There's been a few plot and character elements (like combining scenes, altering character motivations slightly, etc) that have taken quite a bit of revision but nothing too serious. Some scenes have only needed a few line edits which makes me really happy.

I'm proud of how this manuscript is coming out and cannot believe that I'm almost done with this set of revisions. I planning on finishing them by early June. Afterwards, I might reach out to get some more feedback and revise a little later. Then, I'll re-read for line edits and proofreading errors, but after that, I'll be done. It's crazy. I'm so close (Granted, I've been saying "I'm so close to finishing my first novel" for a while, but this time I'm really close).

I haven't touched my Chervaux novel or poetry in the last month though I had wanted to work on them as side projects. I've found that I am not good at things. I can only seem to work on one project at a time because when I'm working on one, it's all I want to work on. Same with reading and writing. When I'm reading a lot, I'm not writing as much as I should and vice versa. I don't know when I will return to Chervaux, but I do plan on writing poetry during the summer once I'm done with TOATO1 revisions.

I haven't uploaded YouTube videos like I had hoped too. I haven't had much time or privacy to devote to it. However, my video "How to Write a Poem -- Tips for Beginners" has taken off in terms of number of views. It's close to 2000! And despite not posting regularly, my subscriber count is growing too. I'm so happy and thankful to everyone that has subscribed. It gives me even more motivation to post.

I am going to continue posting but I don't promise any consistency. It's just not feasible at this point in my life now. I've accepted that I will post when I have the chance and not feel bad for not being consistent. I want to make sure my content is good, so if it takes longer, so be it.

That's all for now. I hope to give you another update soon!

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