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I finished my book!

It's been a while but I wanted to wait till I had something worth updating about. I have several things actually!

Most importantly, I have finished edits for The One and the Other Volume One (except for line edits but I won't be doing that till I'm preparing to publish it). It feels. . . weird. I thought I would feel ecstatic but I almost feel like there's this void in my life that I'm not sure how to fill anymore. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad I'm finished, but I worked on that book for four years and it feels strange to not have to work on it. I have other projects I need to work on--which I'll get to talking about in a second--but I've been procrastinating on beginning them.

Right now, a friend of mine is reading TOATO1. She says she'll be done with it in July and able to tell me what she thinks. I did beta-reading last summer, and though I've thought about doing another round, I'm considering letting my friend be it (unless she tells me that a lot of things need to be change but fingers-crossed that doesn't happen). I've also let the writing group I'm a part of read a 10 page snippet and all they pointed out were mostly line edits. I feel like this book is going to get any better. I'm proud of it while also knowing that I can do better with my next book. It's time to move on.

Meanwhile, I've been. . . terribly unproductive. For the past few weeks. I've been working a lot at my non-writing job so there's that.

Back in May, I wrote the first scene and a half of my new standalone Chervaux. I thought I wasn't going to touch it at all but I just felt the urge to work on it. It's my whenever-I-feel-like-it project.

Haven't written any poetry. I will get back into it. Soon. I want to write 19 poems before the end of the summer. Why 19? Because I need 38 (approximately) to finish my full-length poetry book so 19 is half that. Once I finish 19, I'll take a break and come back to it later.

My YouTube channel has grown. I passed 100 subscribers two weeks ago, and to celebrate, I'm going to do a giveaway! A video about that will be coming out soon. And my "How To Write A Poem -- Tips for Beginners" video has passed 6000 views! Every time I check the view count, it amazes me.

More YouTube videos will be coming in the future. Stay tuned. . .

Till next time!

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