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March Updates

Hey guys! Since February is over, I wanted to look at the month in review and set some new goals for March. In my February Updates post, I made some goals for that month. Here they are and whether I accomplished them:

1. To release a poetry treat for ya'll soon ;)

Accomplished! The poetry treat was a video of me reciting my poem "Her Gaze" and posting it on YouTube. Here's the link. Not only that, but I've also posted videos of "A Middle-Aged Southern Couple Reacts to Ice" and "Shadow Puppets".

2. Finish revisions for Episode 5 (and possibly 6 - we'll see how it goes).

Sort of Accomplished! I finished revisions for Ep. 5, but it took me the entire month. I finished it on February 28. It took me longer than I had had expected. I thought that Ep. 4 would have been harder to revise than Ep. 5, but in some ways Ep. 5 was harder. Completing Ep. 5 also marks the end of my major problem area of Eps 3-5. It's a relief to have that behind me. I'm very excited to move on to Ep. 6. It's one of my favorite episodes.

3. Submit an excerpt of The One and the Other Volume One to Sword & Sonnet Anthology.

Accomplished! But I already received a rejection letter. Oh well, that's the name of the game. I couldn't not try, but I'm thankful that they got back to me quickly.

4. Perform two of my poems for an Open Mic Night February 12.

Accomplished! I was really nervous beforehand but actually performing wasn't that bad. Some of my friends came to support me. I'm so glad they did.

I performed "A Middle-Aged Southern Couple Reacts to Ice" and "Shadow Puppets". The Open Mic Night was at my university, and I don't think I chose the best poems for the audience. I'm thinking of doing this again but not till April at the earliest.

Those were all my goals for February. Wow. It just hit me that I accomplished all of them. I'm so proud of myself.

My goals for March are:

1. Finish revisions for Episodes 6 & 7

2. Post a YouTube video every Friday of this month

Though I accomplished all of my monthly goals, I've already broken one of my yearly goals. In my 2018 Resolutions post, I resolved to write and post a short story every Friday. I did that for all of January, but I've since changed the resolution.

I've wanted to create a YouTube channel for a while now. I love AuthorTubers like Jenna Moreci, Mandi Lynn, and Vivien Reis. I tried to create a channel a while back and even made an About Me video (which I've taken down. It was so bad), but I gave up afterwards because I felt too awkward to be successful at YouTube. The desire wouldn't disappear though, so I've decided to take another crack at it.

I've only posted videos of me reciting my poetry at this point, but I want to eventually start posting reviews, discussion, and writing tip videos for both prose and poetry. If any of that interest you, subscribe! Here's the link to my channel.

So, instead of doing a Friday short story, I've decided to focus on posting a video once a week.

Rejection Letter Count

I received two this month which puts me at six toward my yearly goal of 25 rejections. I only have one active submission right now, and I've been so focused on my revisions, I haven't been submitting poems to many literary magazines. I'm kind of considering giving up on that resolution.

How was your February? Did you accomplish your goals? Set new ones for March? If so, what are they?

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