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A Confession About My Books

There's something I've been meaning to tell you guys about, but I've been holding off till the last possible moment because well, I'm scared of what people might think.

I've revised the first part of my series, The One-Sided Coin, and am releasing a new edition.

While little of the main plot changes, many scenes have been rewritten to reflect my improved writing style. I learned a lot in-between writing The One-Sided Coin, The Damned Ones, and now The Metal Flower so much so that my first book seems to be lacking. And for the beginning of a nine-part series, I don't want my opener to put people off.

Also some decisions that I had made in The One-Sided Coin were negatively effecting The Metal Flower. The two big ones were:

  1. My initial decision to break The One and the Other Books in Episodes.

  2. Monoria and Jeriph's relationship in the first book

As I've worked on The Metal Flower, I've struggled to put the book into episodes like The One-Sided Coin. It's a long story, but when I first began writing The One-Sided Coin, I wanted it to be a TV show and even wrote it in script-form. I didn't care about it ever seeing the light of day until I discovered self-publishing. I transformed the script back into a novel but kept the episodes, and for The One-Sided Coin, especially with the flashbacks, it worked. But The Metal Flower is not wanting to cooperate. It understands that it's a novel and didn't have the identity crisis its older sister had.

With Monoria and Jeriph, I've always intended for there to be romantic/sexual tension between them in The Metal Flower, but what I realized was that I didn't lay a good foundation for them in The One-Sided Coin. I needed to go back in order to do their story justice.

I feel bad to my readers who have supported me by already buying the first edition. I don't want them to feel cheated that now their edition is out of date and may affect their reading of the rest of the series.

I'm going to include the new scenes of Monoria and Jeriph so those who have already read The One-Sided Coin and don't want to buy another copy can be caught up. This is the only major plot change that I feel will affect your reading of The Metal Flower since these new scenes will be referenced. The rest of the plot stays mostly the same with only minor details being altered.

The 2nd edition will be released one month from now, February 6th. Until then, the original One-Sided Coin will be for sale for $5 plus another $5 for shipping for a total of $10. I have several copies already printed and would like to get rid of them before the new edition is out. You can buy those remaining copies here.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey. I am still hard at work on The Metal Flower to bring you the best version of this book as I can.

Thank you!

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