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2023 Writing Update

Hey guys! I wanted to come on here and give a quick writing update for you all.

Earlier this year, the prequel for The One and the Other Series titled The Damned Ones came out!

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy and has read it! I hope you enjoy Labeth's story; it is one that is very close to my heart. May you see beauty in its darkness.

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, it's available on Amazon.

Since The Damned Ones' release, I've been back at work on the next book in series, which I am calling for now The Metal Flower.

I finished the first draft back in early April, took a break, and am now re-outlining the book. I LOVE this book! It's much more action-packed than The One-Sided Coin, and I just love where the characters are headed this book. There's also some new characters who have been a blast to write. Now that I'm re-outlining, the book is coming together more so than the mess of the first draft (though I do still think this was my best first draft).

Thank you!

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