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BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! Sensuality's Cover, Release Date, and More!

There's going to be a lot packed into this post because a lot has been happening concerning my chapbook Sensuality. but I haven't had the opportunity to write about on it here till now.


The artist Natsuhisui from Fiverr did an amazing job on the cover. I had no idea what I wanted it to look like--just some ideas for colors and images--and she turned it into a better cover that I had ever hoped for. Black, white, and red are my favorite colors, and the images of dancing and blood are prominent in the chapbook.

Sensuality. is going to be released on Amazon SEPTEMBER 28TH. A Kindle Ebook and a PRINT version will be available to buy. Also, for the first THREE DAYS that Sensuality. will be available (Sep 28-30th), the kindle version will be able to be downloaded for FREE.

You can pre-order the ebook version online right now!

I've recorded all fourteen poems and am releasing the recordings of all of them on YouTube as the release date nears. The poems "Shades of Blood", "The Primordial", and "A Ladder of Notes" have already been released! (You can listen to them at the end of this post, also.)

Then, to top it all off, I received the first proof copy in the mail a few days ago--

--and it looks GORGEOUS! It's a glossy cover so the light bounces off of it and it sparkles. It's so incredible to gaze at it and be like "That's my book. That's MY book!" I'm so happy with how it looks (though completely happy because I am changing some of its dimensions and will have to get another proof this week--but other than that, it's PERFECT!)

That's all the announcements for now. I'm currently doing everything I can to make Sensuality.'s release a memorable one. I'll be posting about it mainly on my Facebook page and my YouTube Channel. So if you definitely don't want to miss any upcoming news about Sensuality. and its recordings, like my Facebook page or subscribe to my YouTube Channel. We'll keep in touch.

And for now, you can enjoy these recordings!

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