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Revisions for Episode Three Finished!

For those of you who don't know, I'm currently revising my first book, which is divided into 10 episodes. This weekend, I finished the revisions for Episode Three! Only seven more to go!

As I was revising Ep. 3, I also reached 100K words for the entire manuscript. It's an incredible feeling! I'm so happy. Right now, it's sitting at 101,945 words.

Ep. 3 itself ballooned word count-wise. It went from 9,626 to 15,326 words. Then, I edited out frivolous words, cutting 771 words, so the total words for Ep. 3 is 14,555 for a net gain of 4,929 words. This is my longest episode by 1K words. Eps. 1 and 2 are 12,569 and 13,238 respectively.

Ep. 3 required the most revision out of the three. I wrote new scenes, cut out scenes, and rewrote old ones. It's the beginning of my problem area/trilogy of Eps. 3-5, which needs the most work. I'm moving on to Ep. 4 and it's just a mess plot-wise. I'm taking the main-plot of the episode into a new direction, and I'm moving plot elements from Ep. 5 into this episode while also writing new elements. I predict this episode will the hardest to revise, but I'm excited to take up the challenge.

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