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June 5th, 2020

Dark fantasy combined with elements

of dystopia, gothic fiction, and poetry


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Mary K Gowdy

Author and Poet

To most people, I’m your stereotypical quiet, nice girl. What they don’t know is that I could talk for days. I can distract myself for hours with just my own mind, thinking about school, people, resentment, dating, politics, religion, sex, art, what I want to accomplish, what I’m meant to accomplish. I never feel like I have the opportunity to truly unearth all that goes on in my head. There’s interruptions, the conversation flows in a different direction, I’m scared, or there’s simply just too much to tell. I think all my thoughts, opinions, and experiences are threads in my life’s tapestry, and to pull one is to touch all the others. I can’t fully explain anything without explaining everything. I aim to weave that tapestry together with my words for others to read.

"A very sensual collection and striking read."

- Kaye Spivey

Explore the relationship between art, sensuality, and emotions through poetry.


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I post poetry writing tip videos and readings of poems.

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