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Poems by Mary K Gowdy

Explore the realm of sensuality, art,

and emotion through poetry

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Mary K Gowdy

Author and Poet

To most people, I’m your stereotypical quiet, nice girl. What they don’t know is that I could talk for days. I can distract myself for hours with just my own mind, thinking about school, people, resentment, dating, politics, religion, sex, art, what I want to accomplish, what I’m meant to accomplish. I never feel like I have the opportunity to truly unearth all that goes on in my head. There’s interruptions, the conversation flows in a different direction, I’m scared, or there’s simply just too much to tell. I think all my thoughts, opinions, and experiences are threads in my life’s tapestry, and to pull one is to touch all the others. I can’t fully explain anything without explaining everything. I aim to weave that tapestry together with my words for others to read.

The One-Sided Coin

The One and the Other Volume One

Dark Fantasy + Poetry

The One-Sided Coin

The One-Sided Coin is the first in a five book fantasy series titled The One and the Other. The series is mainly dark fantasy combined with elements of dystopia, gothic fiction, and poetry.

The story centers around a girl named Monoria Fledyia who has been infected with a parasite of mystical origins. She works with a scientist to heal her of the parasite but is not sure she can trust him when his methods turn questionable. And the more she speaks with the parasite, the more it seems  like a friend.

Abstract Bridge


As I explored the book and writing world on YouTube, I noticed a distinct lack of content about poetry. I wanted to create a channel to fill this void. I make tip videos, book reviews, and discussions but geared towards poetry. YouTube is also a great platform for sharing audio recordings of my original poetry.  I do also make other AuthorTube related content.

Poetry Recordings

I believe that to fully experience a poem, we need to hear it read in addition to seeing it on the page. I recorded myself reciting all my poem from Sensuality. and uploaded them to YouTube for your free enjoyment!

How To Write Poetry

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! I post review, discussion, and tip videos about writing, poetry, and other book-related stuff.

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