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The world of the One and the Other

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LOREIAK is a small country, isolated from the rest of the world. Almost 200 years before the events of The One-Sided Coin, the sky above the entire continent was covered by a black cloud, plunging the country into an eternal twilight. The day is known as the Darkening. Its causes are unknown. The Darkening affected Loreiak's climate in strange, inexplicable ways: its corners became icy wastelands, the northwest peninsula a swamp, and the Demingin Desert appeared in the middle of the continent. Loreiak's inhabitants have been forced to adapt, but the black sky's effect on its climate grows more detrimental with each decade.

The practice of mysticism used to be widespread in the country until the philosophy of secularism overtook the land. The Secularists overthrew the queen and her priests and sought to destroy anything pertaining to mysticism till not even its memory would survive. They created a new government, the Council of Masters led by the Prime Master. Not everyone trusts the Masters´ goodwill. There are rumors of secret experiments: a utopian society in the middle of the Jok Swamp where the inhabitants know nothing of the real world, and a mental institution where not all its patients are there because they are crazy. Some mystic rebels remain, and the Secularists will not stop at anything to hunt them down and kill them.

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