September 2018

These fourteen poems explore the relationship between sensuality and emotions, particularly those conjured up by art. While sensuality is connected to sex, it goes beyond sexual experience into something spiritual, intellectual, emotional, intimate, but

also deeply physical.

All strong emotion is in some way sensual because of its intensity, and art is especially sensual because it gives us a realm to lose ourselves in the emotion. It may come through a song that gives us chills, a moment in a story that strikes through to our hearts, or through the dip and flow of words on our tongues when we read a line of verse.

I define this sensation in terms of the concept of “La Petite Mort” (“the little death”), which has been described as the “brief loss or weakening of consciousness” or “the spiritual release” that can come with orgasm, sleep, or the effect of art on a person. These poems aim to prove this point by attempting to conjure up a similar sensation in you–the audience.

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