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Falling Somewhat Behind But Still Chugging Along - May Updates

Hey guys. How was your April? Mine's been a rush. I'm kind of falling behind and losing my energy, but I'm getting there. School is almost over, and this summer is going to be exciting!

Let's look at my goals for last month:

1. Finish Revisions for Episodes 9 & 10 (which are now 8 & 9)

Almost complete. I finished episode 9 right about mid-April, and I have a few scenes left of episode 10. I haven't had a good weekend in a couple of weeks to keep myself on tract when I fall behind during the week. Surprisingly though, I haven't had to write entire new scenes for episodes 9 and 10 like I've had to for the other episodes. Many of the edits have been line edits or tweaking small things.

2. Post more YouTube Videos this month

Accomplished. I actually didn't do as many as I wanted to do, but I still did many more than in March. That's good enough for me! I made several different types of videos: reviews, poetry, etc.

3. Start looking for Beta Readers

Accomplished. I did say to "start" looking for Beta Readers, so the fact that I'm not finished looking yet doesn't matter. I've got some "yes"s which is great. I've never done Beta Reading before so I've been nervous about the whole process, especially finding people to read.

4. Perform poetry for an Open Mic Night

Accomplished. This was the second time I've done such a thing, and it went a lot better this time. I could tell the audience was listening and they seemed to enjoy the poetry. I talked about the experience in more detail in one of my YouTube videos or you can read about it here.

So now that April is over, it's time for my goals for May:

1. Finish editing my novel

I only have a few scenes left of Episode 10, which is the last episode. After that, there's still a few minor things I need to do to completely finish the edits.

2. Finish enlisting Beta Readers

For now all my Beta Readers are people I know, but I want to find some people I don't know through the internet to read my novel. If I just rely on people I know, then my sample of opinions is going to be too narrow for my liking. I was going to be active on but I just haven't had the time or the energy. I'll be posting a call on other internet platforms for Beta Readers soon.

3. Get my novel ready for Beta Readers and send it off

Once I finish the edits, I want to format my novel so it actually looks more like an novel on the page. I also need to create questions to ask at the end of each episode.

4. Post 3 more YouTube Videos

All of next week is going to busy for me, so I don't think I'll be able to do any till after that. I have several ideas--mainly reviews.

I'm a little stressed out with school and my writing. I only have a few weeks left to do all of this because

I'm studying abroad for five weeks this summer in Spain, and I'll be taking two classes towards my double major in Spanish. My flight leaves May 28th to Madrid. I can't believe it's less than a month away. It seems unreal. I've never been out of the country before, so I'm a little nervous but I know it's going to be so much fun. Since I just want to enjoy the experience of being in Spain, I won't be writing anything or posting on Youtube or this website. I'll tell ya'll all about the trip when I return, though.

Search Engine History for Writing Research

  • Hospital monitors/machines

  • Minimalist - geometric architecture

  • Men’s clothes - I don’t know what guys wear apparently (I don’t know what anyone wears in my novel to be honest)

  • Small bag name

  • Rocky mountains

  • PTSD symptoms

  • Ferries

  • Mountain lodge - image

  • Tasers/stun guns - images and wikipedia page - I watched a video of someone getting tased and the prongs being pulled out--definitely looks painful. Sorry characters.

Rejection Letter Count

None this month because I have no submissions pending. Yeaaaah. I've basically given up on my goal to reach 25 rejections this year. So, that means I've completely given up on two out of five of my New Years Resolutions. I've already accomplished one (performing my poetry at Open Mic Nights), and I'm so close to accomplishing another (finishing my novel edits).

How's your May looking? Do you have any plans for the summer?

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